This page will serve to document my progress in building a B9 robot.

Items Purchased:

small chest lights - OUCH!$90.89
bubble$299.00bubble pics
brain kit$125.00brain pics
bubble lifter $32.60
lazy susan for torso rotation$49.99
lazy susan for radar rotation$17.40
Bermuda Triangle Plans (legs, knees, tread section)$55.00
acrylic rod for the collar$50.00
torso knob $4.25
programming bay (stainless steel)$137.00pics
Collar (made by Greg Logue)$300.00
large chest lights$154.00light pics
engraved data plate (engraved with my name, etc.)$24.00
torso and donut (Tim K. / B9Creations)$780.00pics
Please keep in mind I've been very slowly buying parts over a very long time. I am trying to reproduce the Lost In Space B9 Robot as accurately as possible at full scale size, including neon mouth, mechanized brain, rotating torso, blinking lights, and talking.