50 gallon saltwater aquarium project

Aquarium temperature control system

Watlow industrial process controler, model 999D-11CC-JURG


Currently I am monitoring canopy temperature with a type K thermocouple sheathed in stainless steel with stainless braid 
running 36" to the connector.  This should hold up in this dry but salty environment.  This stainless probe is not suited for 
saltwater duty because of corrosion.  I setup a T type termocouple inside of a thin walled glass tube, sealed at one end for 
measuring the water temperature.

This process controller can read two sensors, be they thermocouples, thermistors, or other.  Each sensor channel has two 
corrosponding outputs for both low and high setpoints.  This will allow me to control a water heater and chiller, and also a 
fan for the canopy.  Currently I have the controller monitor the canopy temperature and turn on a fan when it reaches 90° F.

Tank Inhabitants

1 Clark's Clownfish
1 Purple Firefish
1 Foxface Rabbitfish
7 Green Chromis
3 Yellowtail Blue Damsels
2 Pajama Cardinals
1 Lawnmower Blenny

1 Banded Coral Shrimp
4 Bubble Tipped Anemones (used to be 1 but he split a few times - the clownfish loves them)
1 Brittle Seastar
20+ Blue Legged Hermit Crabs
20+ Astrea Snails
5 BumbleBee Snails
Bunches of Spaghetti Worms, Feather Dusters, and Limpets
1 Purple Tipped Urchin